twirl taper candle

esh candle

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✿handmade by @eshcandle ✿

meet the twirl taper candle! made with soy wax, recycled cotton wicks and non-toxic dyes. the twirls can fit into a standard tapered candle holder, if you find the candlestick to large for your holder, simply run hot water over the base to soften the end and twist the candle into place. the candles are vegan, unscented and sold individually. pair with a terrazzo candle holder for the cutest combination! burn time: 60-80 minutes 

safety: recommended for purely decorative use, however if you do decide to light the candle, i’d advise burning in a heatproof candle holder or dish to collect melted wax and protect surfaces.

please note: each twirl taper candle is handmade from start to finish, so please allow for some tiny variations in colour and style, each candlestick is completely unique and this is celebrated as part of the design.


length: 20cm 

width: 21-33mm