tie dye star candle

esh candle

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✿handmade by @eshcandle ✿

meet the tie dye star candle! made with soy wax, recycled cotton wicks and dyed by hand using a blend of blue, pink and orange pastel shades. lightly scented with paraben-free lavender oil.

safety: recommended for purely decorative use, as due to the shape of the candle it may burn unevenly. however, if you do decide to light: trim the wick to about half a centimetre before lighting (and every time you relight after) and only burn for short periods of time, approximately 40 minutes at a time is recommended as this helps to maintain the star shape for longer. burn in a dish with raised edges to protect surfaces from melted wax. burn time: 3-5 hours.

please note: each tie dye star candle is handmade from start to finish, so please allow for some tiny variations in colour and style, each candle is completely unique and this is celebrated as part of the design.


height: 20cm 

width: 5cm